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Kendo, or Japanese fencing, is rooted in the sword-fighting techniques of ancient samurai. This martial art conditions the body and spirit through exhilarating and demanding exercises. 

San Mateo Kendo Dojo was founded in 1981 in San Mateo, California. It is one of eleven member schools of non profit Northern California Kendo Federation (NCKF). Our Dojo instructors teach on a voluntary basis and also we practice kendo as a part of City of San Mateo Parks and Recreation Department and Foster City Parks and Recreation Department activities. Therefore, San Mateo Dojo charges very reasonable.

We consistently place individuals to Team NCKF for All US Kendo Championship Tournament which is held every three years.

San Mateo Kendo dojo was chosen to perform kendo demonstration at Japan Expo 2014 in Aug. 24 at San Mateo Event Center. 

As a member school of NCKF, our dojo members can attend various activities which are organized by NCKF or it's member schools including tournaments such as NCKF Championships, monthly NCKF mass practices (Godo Keiko), two annual NCKF rank testings in May and November, an annual NCKF summer camp, and special NCKF seminars.

New students and instructors are always welcome.

See Practice Information for more information about our kendo activities.

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SCKO tournament

Carolyne and Paul brought back the trophies ...

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NCKF Championships

Some of BIG trophies ...

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Palo Alto tournament

How many medals did we get? 

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Carolyne was promoted!

She was asked to join the Team USA practice ...

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Jr. Nationals and AUSKF Championships

Let's congratulate San Mateo kenshi on their great efforts...

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San Jose Tournament

Our Adult team got 3rd place! 

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Farewell Kumazaki sensei

We had the farewell party 

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Trophies at N/S tournament

Paul and Kumazaki sensei got trophies...

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Great Start in 2017 at
Steveston tournament

Three kenshi got the trophies...

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News in 2016 has been moved

 News in 2015 has been moved to Gallery page.

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New Years Social

We enjoyed new years social with Oshiruko and ozoni  ...

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