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San Mateo Dojo 30th Anniversary Tournament

Thank you for participating in our 30th anniversary tournament which was held in March 19, 2011 at San Mateo High School. It was a big success and we appreciate your participation and the help we received from all of the volunteers.

San Mateo Dojo results

 Adult Team  1st Place Harada sensei, Andy Lee, Koji Nakano, Satoru Konopka, Makoto Konopka 
 Senior  1st Place Harada sensei
 1-3 Dan  1st Place
 2nd Place
 3rd Place
 Satoru Konopka
 Makoto Konopka
 Andy Lee
 Fighting Spirit   Yuzo Ishikawa

Opening ceremony

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Other photos taken at San Mateo dojo 30th Anniversary Tournament:

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(To the volunteer photographers: Thank you very much for taking the photographs through the tournament!)

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