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Start some warmups!
No reopening schedule has been announced yet.
However, it looks some light in the tunnel according to media. Therefore, Ogihara sensei suggests to start some warmup for t
he future reopening of the classes. 
Minimum suggested warmups are:
  50 times Suburi 
  50 times Jumping Men 
  10 times  Fumikomi Men 
  Walking or jogging

Stay at home and keep healthy!!!

Check the schedule often
Due to the general risk of Coronavirus spread, many of our schedule have been changed and will be changed including our class closures and cancellations of NCKF event. Keep in touch for updated schedule.

2020 New Year Oshiruko Social


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Japanese new year treats were served after the King Center practice in Jan. 28.

Japanese new year treats, oshiruko (sweet red bean soup with rice cake) and ozoni (savory soup with rice cake), were served after the practice. 
It is the tradition of Japanese martial arts known as Budo Hajime (first practice of the year). It was a bit late in this year but the ceremony to pray the members' health and improving their skills. Friends and families of San Mateo dojo were invited.