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News 2018

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The following were to be special mentioned:

Catherine Ikea: 2nd place @ 14-17 years
Souichi Suzuki: 2nd 
 place @ 1-2 dan
Satoru Konopka: 3rd  place @ 3 dan up

Congratulations !

NCKF championship was held in 
Oct. 14 at Santa Clara high school.

All San Mateo players did a good job. 


There was Salinas Taikai in Sep. 29 and the following SM dojo members participated:
Team A. Suzuki, Shiomi, Konopka Team B. N. Chen, Vongdara, Tessier 
Team C. Su

They did quite a good job. Team A almost won SJ team who won Yudansha division.

The person to be a special mention was Souichi Suzuki (left). During all matches He beat couple of 4 dans, a 5 dan, even a 7 dan. He even made draw with SJ Park who was a Team USA member in WKC in Korea this month. Great jobs, Souichi!

Congratulations !

 Well done!

San Mateo kenshi put in a strong showing at the recent Oakland tournament held a July 15th. We battled in a ten member team tournament with just seven members on our team.

Join us at the next tournament in Salinas. 

 New Sensei promoted from our students

Hideshi was approved to 4 dan and promoted to the newest sensei of San Mateo dojo. 

Shiomi-sensei, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

 Everyone was passed the spring promotion test

Everyone who took the spring promotion test passed it. Congratulations! 
Students who didn't take it, the fall promotion test will come so work hard for it.

Test result:
4 dan    Hideshi 
3 dan    John 
2 dan    Takahiro 
1 dan    Daniel 
1 kyu    Neil 
3 kyu    Thierry 
4 kyu    Franklin 
5 kyu    Arianna 
6 kyu    Henry Jingle 

 Wonderful news from Harvard University

Yumeto, who is attending BU now, recently participated into Shoryu Cup Tournament at Harvard U, won 3rd places in both Individual and Team

Let's congratulate him on the great efforts!

2018 New Year oshiruko social



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Japanese new year treats were served at the King Center practice in Jan. 9.
Japanese new year treats, oshiruko (sweet red bean soup with rice cake) and ozoni (savory soup with rice cake), were served after the practice. It is the tradition of Japanese martial arts known as Budo Hajime (first practice of the year). It is the ceremony to pray the members' health and improving their skill. Friends and families of San Mateo dojo were invited. 

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