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News 2015

 Registration became full! - Saturday practice in Foster City


Foster City Practice info.
The registration of our Saturday practice in Foster City became full.

Due to the high demand, the practice schedule has been changed to:

2pm-3pm  - Beginners class
                   - Kata Keiko for some limited students

3pm-5pm  - Advanced class for those who wear Bogu 

Both will be held at the Spirit Room of Foster City Recreation Center.

The next registration for the spring session will begin in late Feb. or early March. Please come and take a look at our kendo practice!

New Schedule: (addition to our regular Tuesday practice)

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm,     Jan. 9 - Mar. 26, 2016 (Saturdays of the winter session)

2pm-3pm  - Beginners class / Kata Keiko for some limited students

3pm-5pm  - Advanced class for those who wear Bogu

Spirit room of Foster City Recreation Center (map)       
    650 Shell Blvd., Foster City, CA  94404
    Phone: 650-286-3380      Fax: 650-345-1408

Age: 10 years & older (both youth and adult)

Click here to create your account of Foster City Recreation Center and register the Saturday practice! 

For detail to join San Mateo kendo dojo, see Practice Information

 Great end of the season 2015 

salinas tournament2015

We completed 2015 tournament season with great results. Congratulations!

San Mateo results:

Paul:  2nd place of 11 - 13 yrs div.
        3rd place of 14 - 17 yrs div.
Harada sensei: 
        1st place of senior div. 

 (Click the photo to enlarge) 

 Our guys did it again at NCKF championships 

nckf championships 2015     

Yes! San Mateo kenshi took many trophies again at NCKF Championship tournament in San Jose. 

See the BIG trophies. Congratulations!

(Click the photo to enlarge) 

(Can't watch the slideshow below? Click here to be redirected to the web album.)

NCKF Championships 2015

San Mateo results:

Paul:  Champion of 11 - 13 yrs div.
Catherine:  2nd place of 11 - 13 yrs div.
Carolyne:  3rd place of 14 - 17 yrs div.
Harada sensei: Champion of senior div. 

Harada sensei won the championships 2 years consecutive. 

 Saturday practice schedule 

Due to the availability of the facility, the Saturday practice was suspended. We will announce when we find new schedule. 

The last Saturday practice was Aug. 22. No Saturday practice on Aug. 29.

 Tournament videos 

Tessier sensei uploaded several tournament videos of San Mateo kenshi, to YouTube. Thank you, Tessier sensei. 

Please watch and find what was going on at the tournaments. You will be the next one in the videos!

 Saturday practice schedule has been changed! 

saturday practice
Due to the availability of the facility  the Saturday practice was suspended. We will announce when we find new schedule. 

San Mateo dojo will re-start Saturday practice in June 13, 2015 at San Mateo Senior Center. We are thrilled to have the practice again.

We really appreciate the generous support from City of San Mateo and the Recreation Department for our activities! Thank you very much!

Saturday Practice:               Saturdays 11:15 am- 12:30 pm 
(Starting June 13, 2015)         San Mateo Senior Center    (map it)

                                               2645 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo, CA 94403 
                                               (650) 522-7490                                                                                           
                                               Advanced Students only

Please come by 10:45 am to be ready to start the practice promptly at 11:15 am. 

 Nice Fighting spirits at Jr. Nationals 

Jr. Nationals, 2nd of Girls team
5th Annual AUSKF junior Open National 
Championships was held in Los Angeles in Aug. 1 and the seminar/practice was held in Aug. 2. 

Carolyne took the third place as the chuken of NCKF Girls Team. Congratulations! 
Paul went on the fifth round and placed in the top sixteen. Catherine played a mean shiai against the champion of her division.
Yumeto was placed as the taisho of one of the two NCKF boys team and went to the second round. He also proceeded to the third round of the individuals.

We are happy to hear about all of your participation. We are very sure that you had a great time to meet all other kenshi and to take the fruitful seminar with them. 

 (Click the photo to enlarge) 

 16th WKC videos 

Did you watch 16th World Kendo Championships? Japan Kendo Federation uploaded the youtube video of all matches of the live streaming. They are the ones that you can't miss! They even uploaded slow motion of each ippon. Watch how Team Japan was strong and how Team USA fought. Both Mens and Womens, Team USA took the 3rd place!! 

Go to the site from the link below. 

Mens team final  (Japan vs Korea)

Mens team semi-final (US vs Korea) (Japan vs Hungary)

Womens team final (Japan vs Korea)

Womens team semi-final  (Brazil vs Korea) (USA vs Japan)

Mens ind. Takenouchi

Mens ind. final (J-Amishiro vs J-Takenouchi)

Mens ind. semi-final  (J-Takenouchi vs J-Nishimura) (J-Amishiro vs K-Jang)

Womens ind. final (J-Matsumoto vs K-Hu)

(Mens USA)

US vs China taipei

US vs France

US vs New Zealand

 Great results at Sacramento tournament

Sacramento tournament 2015
San Mateo dojo took four trophies at Sacramento tournament 
in May 17. We were the small group for this tournament but made the big result. 

Results of San Mateo kenshi:

Catherine Ikeda: 
    3rd place of 11 - 13 years old div.

Paul Ikeda: 
    2nd place of 11 - 13 years old div.

Carolyne Ikeda: 
    3rd place of Womens div.

Hisashi Kumazaki sensei:
    1st place of 4 dan and above div. 
 (Click the photo to enlarge) 

 Tempura again!

NCKF Tempura sale at San Jose Nikkei Matsuri

(Can't watch the slideshow above? Click here to be redirected to the web album.)

San Mateo dojo participated the NCKF's fund rising event, tempura booth at Nikkei matsuri in San Jose Japan Town in April 26.
We had so much fun with working in the booth, learning the cooking tips from the professional tempura cooks, and chatting with other NCKF dojo members.  Of course, we could taste the yummy tempura, too. We surely want to attend it next year. Thank you very much for the volunteers!

 Trophy at San Jose tournament

San Jose tournament 2015
Makoto took the trophy at San Jose tournament 
in April 19. He obtained 3rd place of 1 - 2 dan division. Congratulations!

San Mateo Adult team also went to the final match of the adult team division!! Wow, we were quite excited to watch our guys to fight against Sacramento team. 

 (Click the photos to enlarge) 

Makoto 3rd Place     
Makoto 3rd place

 News in 2014 and before has been moved to Gallery 

Please check the gallery page to see our history!

 Welcome Gill sensei! 

Gill sensei

We happily announce the new instructor, Dong Ho Gill sensei, 4 dan. 

He came to US from Korea 5 years ago and lives now in Burlingame. His nick name is Tony.

Let’s welcome him. Now we have 7 instructors in our dojo!

 The season 2015 has started with N/S tournament

San Mateo dojo took three 1st place trophies in March 15 at Northern/Southern California Tournament in San Jose, CA. 
We has started the season 2015 with the great results. 

Go San Mateo dojo! 

Results of San Mateo kenshi:

Paul Ikeda: 
    1st place of 11 - 13 years old individual

Mamoru Harada sensei:
    1st place of Senior individual
    Won as the member of NCKF Senior Team

 (Click the photos to enlarge) 

N-S tournament 2015


 (Can't watch the slideshow below? Click here to be redirected to the web album.)

N/S tournament, 2015

The certificates of the promotion test were and Oshiruko social

 (Can't watch the slideshow below? Click here to be redirected to the web album.)

New Year, 2015

The certificates (menjo) of the promotion test in last fall were delivered in Jan. 6, the first practice in 2015. 

Japanese new year treats, oshiruko (sweet red bean soup with rice cake) and ozoni (salty soup with rice cake), were served after the practice. It is the tradition of Japanese martial arts known as Budo Hajime (first practice of the year). It is the ceremony to pray the members' health and improving their skill. Friends and families of San Mateo dojo were invited. 

 New Dojo Logos

One of our dojo member recovered San Mateo Kendo Dojo logo from the one originally created in 1981.

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