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News 2014

 San Mateo Dojo Saturday practice in Burlingame

San Mateo Kendo Dojo has the additional practices on Saturdays in Burlingame.

    Dates :    1/18, 2/8, 3/15, 4/12, 5/24, 6/21, 7/19, 8/16, 9/13, 10/11, 11/15, 12/27    

                    (Once a month on Saturday)

    Time:            2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (two hours) from May (10:00 am - 12:00 noon till April ) 

    Location :      St Paul Church  415 El Camino Real, Burlingame, CA 94010 (map)

Donation required : $3 / session payable to San Mateo Kendo Dojo (Saturday practice only)

Observations are welcome. Join us to the Way Of Sword!

 The last tournament in 2014 

Palo Alto tournament
San Mateo dojo took three medals at Palo Alto tournament in Oct. 18. 
We had an another great year. 
Congratulations to all San Mateo kenshi!

Results of San Mateo kenshi:

Carolyne Ikeda: 
        Fighting Spirits Award of Youth div.
Yumeto Shigihara:
        3rd place of Senior Youth individual
Makoto Konopka:
        3rd place of 1-2 dan individual


 Two Champion Trophies and more at NCKF Championships!

NCKF Championships 2014
Yes! San Mateo dojo took two champion trophies (BIG ones) and more at NCKF Championship tournament which was held in Sep. 21 at Leigh High School, San Jose.  Congratulations!!

All other San Mateo participants also showed good fighting spirits. 
We will still have one more tournament, Palo Alto tournament in Oct. It will be your turn. Let's go together.

(Click the photos to enlarge) 

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NCKF Championships 2014

Results of San Mateo kenshi

Kumazaki sensei: 1st place, 3 dan and above

Harada sensei: 1st place, Senior 

Catherine Ikeda: 2nd place, 10 and under

Makoto Konopka: 3rd place, 1 - 2 dan

 San Mateo dojo performed kendo demonstration at Japan Expo 2014  

Kendo sparring demo in Japan Expo 2014

San Mateo Kendo dojo was chosen to perform kendo demonstration at Japan Expo 2014 in Aug. 24 at San Mateo Event Center. 

San Mateo dojo was the one of the Japanese martial arts demonstrators such as Judo, Karate, Naginata and Aikido. 

It was very privilege to demonstrate kendo spirits in front of many event attendees. 

Selected kenshi performed as follows:

Nippon kendo kata: Tessier sensei and Ota sensei

Shiai keiko (sparring): Paul Ikeda and Ayato Shigihara, Fuyuto Shigihara and Carolyne Ikeda, Kumazaki sensei and Harada sensei

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 Congratulations SM kenshi at All US Kendo Championship Tournament!



(Click the photos to enlarge) 

Wow! San Mateo kenshi made great results at the All US Kendo Championship Tournament which was held in June 27 to 29 at San Diego after making big effort to Team NCKF special practice for months.

Harada sensei led the Senior team to win as the captain. He also showed great kendo spirit at the Senior Individual matches.
Carolyne fought as the taisho of  the Girls  team even though she was young in the team, and they couldn't win without her winning of  the matches!
Makoto fought as the member of Men's team.

Let's congratulate them as they surely fought with the pride of Team NCKF and San Mateo kendo dojo!

Ogihara sensei and Harada sensei also participated the event as the shinpan (judges). Otsukare-sama!

Results of San Mateo kenshi

Harada sensei: 1st place, Senior Team (as the captain)
                          Kantosho, Senior individual

Carolyne Ikeda: 2nd place, Girls Team (as the taisho)

Makoto Konopka: 4th place, Men's Team

  (Click the photos to enlarge) 
senior medal Jr. Girls team
mens medal senior


Jr. Girls team

at dojo
ogihara sensei
harada sensei


 Wow, many trophies at Salinas tournament!

SM winners   Harada trophy 

SM cheered SM Adult team at the final   Harada (SM) vs. Umeda (SJ)

(Above: San Mateo to cheer the member at the final, SM Harada vs. SJ Umeda)

SM at Salinas

Results of San Mateo kenshi: 

Catherine: 3rd place of 10 yrs. & under div.
Carolyne: 3rd place of 11 - 14 yrs. div.
Paul: fighting spirit of youth div.
John: 1st place of adult kyu div.
Harada sensei: 1st place of 4 dan & above div.

SM youth team: 3rd place
SM adult team A: 2nd place

(click the photos to enlarge)

Again, San Mateo took many trophies at Salinas tournament. Both youth and adult teams did good job, too.  Congratulations!

 San Mateo Kenshi did good jobs at North - South tournament in LA 

Kodansha team    Catherine


Harada sensei won as a member of Kodansha team. NCKF kodansha team beat SCKF with only four members. 
Catherine won 3rd place of 10 years and under division. 


Youth kenshi had a chance to practice with SCKF members on the Saturday.

  (Click the photo to enlarge) 

youth practice   NCKF

San Mateto Kenshi helped NCKF Tempura booth

Nikkei Matsuri 2014

San Mateo kenshi worked hard and had lots of  fun with members from other NCKF dojo at NCKF tempura booth in Nikkei Matsuri in April 27.

Thank you for your support, volunteers!

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 Welcome Kumazaki sensei! 

Kumazaki sensei

New senior instructor, Hisashi Kumazaki sensei 7 dan kyoshi, started practice with us. 
He was transferred to the bay area from Japan for his job assignment.

Welcome Kumazaki sensei. It's a great honor to practice with you!

   (Click the photo to enlarge) 

 Young kenshi did great jobs at San Jose Tournament 

San Jose Tournament 2014
In March 23, Paul and Catherine showed very good fighting spirits and took the trophies at San Jose Tournament. It is the first kendo trophy for Catherine.  Congratulations, young guys!

Results of San Mateo kenshi:

Catherine Ikeda: 
3rd place, 10 years & under.

Paul Ikeda: 3rd place, 11 - 13 years

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The certificates of the promotion test were delivered and Oshiruko party

The certificates (menjo) of the promotion test in last fall were delivered in Jan. 7, the first practice in 2014. 
Congratulations to Catherine, Ayato, Fuyuto, Angela, Carolyne, Paul-I, Paul-K, John, Yumeto, Selwyn, Takashi, and Andy! 

Japanese new year treats, oshiruko (sweet red bean soup with rice cake) and ozoni (salty soup with rice cake), were served after the practice. It is the tradition of Japanese martial arts known as Budo Hajime (first practice of the year) which is the ceremony to pray the members' health and improving the skill. Friends and families of San Mateo dojo were invited. 

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 Christmas gifts to sensei 

holiday gift
San Mateo kenshi 
presented Holiday gifts to our sensei in Dec. 17, 2013 to show their appreciation and gratitude. 
Thank you for all of our sensei's great contribution to San Mateo Kendo dojo. We are really lucky to have them!

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 Congratulations to be chosen to Team NCKF!

In addition to Harada Sensei, Carolyne and Makoto were finally selected as Team NCKF members for US Championship Tournament which will be held at San Diego in June 27 - 29.
Let's congratulate them!

Many NCKF events including tournaments, godo keiko (mass practice), summer camp and promotion tests were uploaded. Please check and prepare to participate them.