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News 2013

 San Mateo Dojo has started Saturday practice in Burlingame

San Mateo Kendo Dojo has the additional practices on Saturdays in Burlingame.

    Dates :           1/26, 2/16, 3/9, 4/13, 5/18, 6/22, 7/20, 8/31, 9/14, 10/26, 11/9, 12/7 

                            (Once a month on Saturday)

    Time:            10:00 am - 12:00 noon (two hours)

    Location :      St Paul Church  415 El Camino Real, Burlingame, CA 94010

Donation required : $3 / session payable to San Mateo Kendo Dojo (Saturday practice only)

Observations are welcome. Join us to the Way Of Sword!

 Christmas gifts to sensei 

holiday gift
San Mateo kenshi 
presented Holiday gifts to our sensei in Dec. 17, 2013 to show their appreciation and gratitude. 
Thank you for all of our sensei's great contribution to San Mateo Kendo dojo. We are really lucky to have them!

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 Congratulations to be chosen to Team NCKF!

In addition to Harada Sensei, Carolyne and Makoto were finally selected as Team NCKF members for US Championship Tournament which will be held at San Diego in June 27 - 29.
Let's congratulate them!

Many NCKF events including tournaments, godo keiko (mass practice), summer camp and promotion tests were uploaded. Please check and prepare to participate them.

 Congratulations for passing 4 dan, Andy!

Andy Lee
At the end of this season, we received one more good news. 

Andy Lee passed to 4 dan at the NCKF promotion test which was held in Nov. 3. 
He is now sensei and will teach us kendo and its spirit. Congratulations! We are very proud of you!

All other San Mateo kenshi who took the promotion test also passed the exam. Congratulations to Catherine, Paul I, Ayato, Fuyuto, Carolyne, Yumeto, Selwyn, John, Angela, Paul K, and Takashi!
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 Paul obtained the first kendo trophy at Sacramento dojo 46th Anniversary Tournament

Sacramento tournament 2013

Paul Ikeda obtained his first kendo trophy at Sacramento tournament in Oct. 20, 2013. He received it for his good fighting spirit. Congratulations! We look forward him to get more in 2014.

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 Nippon kendo kata demonstration and sportsman pledge were done by San Mateo kenshi

Tessier sensei ‎(right)‎ and Andy Lee ‎(left)‎

At t
he opening ceremony of the NCKF Championships on Sep. 22, Jean 
Tessier sensei (uchidachi) and Andy Lee (shidachi) performed Nippon kendo kata demonstration.

San Mateo Dojo


Ayato Shigihara was also chosen for the sportsman pledge. 

Congratulations upon the beautiful kata!  Good Job, Ayato! 

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 Harada sensei was selected to Team NCKF 2014 at the tryout with the highest winning points

Harada sensei
Mamoru Harada sensei won the senior division of Team NCKF final tryout in Aug. 17 and selected as a finalist for qualifying to the team for All US National Kendo Championships which will be held in 2014 with the highest winning points. 

We wish Harada sensei good luck and "fight hard" in forthcoming Kyoka Renshu (special practices for the team members), and All US National Kendo Championships next year!

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 Koga Sensei was approved 6 dan 

Former instructor of San Mateo Kendo Dojo, Mikio Koga sensei, was approved 6 dan in Japan. Congratulations!

He sadly farewelled to us and moved to Hawaii due to his job assignment. We appreciate 15 years of his great effort at San Mateo Dojo and we look forward to practice with him again.

koga sensei farewell 2

    koga sensei farewell 1 

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 Many medals at Oakland dojo 60th Anniversary Tournament

San Mateo kenshi obtained many medals at Oakland dojo 60th Anniversary Tournament in July 21, 2013 at Mills College, Oakland. One of our young kenshi made the debut to the kendo tournament and won the medal. 

Let's go to the NCKF Championship in Sep. 22 and cheer up San Mateo kenshi!

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San Mateo Results:

Carolyne Ikeda: 3rd place of 11-12 yrs. (Debut to the kendo tournament)

Yumeto Shigihara: 2nd place of 15-17 yrs. 

John Moon: 3rd place of 3-1 kyu, Adult

Makoto Konopka: 2nd place of 1-2 dan 

Mamoru Harada sensei: 3rd place of Senior, 50+

San Mateo Dojo BBQ party 

San Mateo Kendo Dojo held BBQ party in Sep. 15 at Foster City. Jean Tessier sensei and his wife arranged and prepared foods and location. Every kenshi and family provided delicious plates, too. We enjoyed nice weather and the conversation with our instructors and members at the pool side. Sorry that we forgot to take photos because it was so much fun!

Thank you for Tessier sensei and his wife for the nice arrangement and effort! Also thank you for your participation and we look forward to see more members next time!

 Yumeto did great at Jr. National


Yumeto participated into National Jr. Championship tournament in June 23 at Las Vegas. He advanced to third round in 14 - 15 yrs. individual division. 

Great Job!

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 Harada sensei and Makoto did good jobs at San Jose Tournament

San Jose tournament 2013
Harada sensei won the first place of Senior division and Makoto Konopka got the third place of 1- 2 dan division at San Jose 51th anniversary tournament in May 19, 2013 at Leigh High School, San Jose. 

San Jose tournament 2013-2

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 Harada sensei won Kodansha Team div. at North / South Tournament

N/S tournament 2013-1
Harada sensei won the first place as a member of kodansha team at North / South Tounament in April 21, 2013 at Leigh High School, San Jose. Congratulations, Harada sensei!

N/S tournament-2

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San Mateo Dojo Participated NCKF Tempra Booth at Nikkei Matsuri 

Nikkei Matsuri 2013

San Mateo Kendo Dojo participated NCKF's fund-raising event,
Tempra booth at Nikkei Matsuri in April 28 at San Jose Japan Town, and the food preparation in April 27. Many of San Mateo Dojo kenshi participated to help to prepare the food and cook tempra.

Thank you for your help to make a big success of the tempra booth. We are sure that you had a fun to help it with other dojo members. We are looking forward to see more kenshi at the booth next year!

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Tempra       tempra 2

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